ERCOT, BTU Expect High Electric Use to Stay Cool

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There's a high demand for electricity as temperatures in parts of the state top 100-degrees. And with a heat advisory in effect, keeping cool is at the top of everyone's list.

With air conditioning units working overtime, so is the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and local providers.

Both entities work together to make sure there are no problems meeting the demand for electricity.

While ERCOT manages the flow of electric power to millions of customers representing about three-fourths of the state's land area, utility companies like BTU also have an important role to play.

BTU General Manager Dan Wilkerson said, "we have people at our dispatching desk 24/7 and they are looking at the instantaneous load and the instantaneous generation and working with ERCOT, if there's any need to make any changes to ensure that there's plenty of capacity."

BTU has about 45-thousand customers and Wilkerson predicted they would use 265 mega-watts of power on Monday.

While statewide, ERCOT is responsible for providing almost 64,000 thousand mega-watts.

Last August, ERCOT set a peak demand record for the region.