Gulf Depression Results in Personnel Activation

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HARLINGEN, Texas (AP) - Governor Rick Perry today sent emergency vehicles and personnel to South Texas in advance of a threatening Gulf weather system.

Among those preparing for the storm's arrival are members of College Station-based Texas Task Force 1.

TTF-1 has deployed six swiftwater rescue boats to Bexar County for faster deployment to affected areas.

Three helicopter rescue teams will work with military personnel. Those teams will also be based in San Antonio.

The National Weather Service says a system just north of the Yucatan Peninsula could be declared a tropical depression.

The storm is moving west-northwest toward the Texas coast.

Perry says storms have saturated much of Texas this summer.

He says many communities in this storm's projected path are at high risk of dangerous flash flooding.

Perry is sending 30 vehicles and 60 Texas National Guard members to Weslaco and San Antonio.

Volunteer organizations are being prepared to provide mass care support.