Bryan Council Gets Texas Reds Review

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Their numbers may have been in the red, but the Texas Reds Festival organizers say the first event was a success.

In final numbers presented to the council Monday afternoon, an estimated 8,000 people attended the June 16 event.

The steaks and grapes festival totalled $193,000 in income, while expenses came to about $371,000. City officials are calling that $178,000 difference an investment for what they believe will be a bright future for the event.

"It's just going to grow in the future," said David Schmitz, the director of parks and recreation for Bryan. "The economic impact to the overall community once we get all the figures back, is going to show that it's very tremendous."

Next year's Texas Reds Festival will be a two-day event beginning June 20.

"I think that will help bring more people downtown, get more people involved in the event, let the vendors have more time to sell, just more of Bryan to pass around," Schmitz said.

The Bryan City Council expressed overwhelming support for the first year of the event.