Hot Highways Burn Rubber, Blow Out Tires

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The heat could be helping you to burn rubber, but a little more than you may want. The soaring temperatures can make for a summer blow out of tires.

"Heat is probably the biggest enemy of tires," Rick Pilger with Pilger's Tire, Auto & Muffler said.

With temperatures soaring into the triple digits, taking to the roads is a little more dangerous if your tires aren't up for the challenge.

"The lower the pressure, the more the flex," Pilger said. "It just generates more heat, so it starts out with 100-plus degrees outside, and asphalt maybe 120, and you start running that tire at 60, 70 mph, and that's a lot of flex and heat generation."

Checking the pressure in your tires is something Pilger says everyone needs to get in the habit of doing.

"The statistics show that probably 27 percent of all passenger cars on the road have at least one tire that is significantly under inflated," Pilger said.

Making sure your hot wheels are road ready can be as simple as using a tire pressure monitor, or just filling them up. Experts also advise checking the treads on your tire now can protect you from a major blow out later.

Drivers can check the tread on their tires with a simple test. Placing a penny head down into the tread can reveal some vital information. If Honest Abe's hairline is visible, then it's time for a new tire. If not, experts say the vehicle is ready to hit the road.

"A tire can be as much as 50 percent low in air and still not look flat, so it's pretty important to check the pressure on it and make sure that it's not under inflated," Pilger said.

Experts also advise not checking the pressure of the tires until it has been off the road for a couple of hours. Checking the tires after just driving on them can create a false reading of the pressure inside.