Border Officials Seize Drugs Worth $2.7 Million

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HIDALGO, Texas (AP) - A Dallas man is in custody after Customs officers in Hidalgo found close to 30 pounds of heroin and eleven pounds of cocaine.

The items were in a vehicle the 47-year-old man was driving into Texas.

Glasford Adolfo Barnaby-Gill was arrested after officers detected something odd in the gas tank of his SUV.

A drug-sniffing dog alerted to the scent of narcotics.

X-Ray imagery helped the officials locate two metal cylinders in the gas tank that contained 23 packages of brown heroin and five packages of cocaine.

Barnaby-Gill is in federal custody.

Also, north of Laredo, agents at the Interstate 35 traffic checkpoint seized $6.2 million worth of cocaine and $3.4 million of marijuana.

Agents found more than 190 pounds of cocaine in the luggage compartment of a bus after a service dog alerted them.

The driver, a Mexican national, is being processed for removal for possession of fraudulent documents.

Agents alerted by a service dog, found 4,200 pounds of marijuana mixed in with a shipment of tequila in a tractor-trailer rig. The driver was arrested.