Human West Nile Case Confirmed in Brazos County

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The first human of West Nile Virus in Brazos County for 2007 has been confirmed by the state's health authority.

According to the Brazos County Health Department, on August 7, the Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed the results of a local lab.

As a result, residents in the affected area have been notified, as have mosquito control personnel.

No other details were released by the health department, including who the infected individual is, their condition, or where they reside.

"The surprising thing is that our first contact, if you would, with West Nile for this season is a confirmed positive human case," said Dr. Charles Williams, Brazos County's health authority. "We anticipated that we'd see a higher population within the mosquito and the bird populations that are out there thus far, but fortunately, we've not."

Looking back on 2006, state labs confirmed 13 human cases of West Nile Virus in Brazos County. The first case was confirmed on August 4, with the final two confirmations coming September 26.

The health department encourages all residents to take necessary precautions, including wearing mosquito repellent with DEET, staying indoors at dusk and dawn, and clearing standing water.

Health officials have repeatedly stated that the entire region is positive for West Nile.

Four out of five people who contract West Nile don't show symptoms, according to health officials. Those who do normally have flu-like symptoms. Only one in 150 people with the disease have serious side effect, though they can be deadly.