Proposed Rise in Blinn Tax Rate Won't Mean Rollback Election

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Blinn College is intending to raise their property tax rate again.

Trustees unanimously approved a 7.99 percent increase to the tax rate, which would bring the rate to 5.48 cents.

That proposal is the largest possible increase without a rollback election. Blinn also notes the new rate would bring in the same revenue as last year's 5.13-cent rate. That due, Blinn officials say, to the increased property valuations.

Public hearings will take place August 27 and September 4, with a hearing to set the rate on September 11. Property taxes for all of Blinn are only collected in Washington County.

Back in February, the Blinn board adopted a rate of 8.2 cents per $100 valuation. That's when the college last experienced a rollback election, where 55.7 percent of voters cast their ballots to roll back the rate.

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