Convicted Killer Becomes 20th Inmate Executed This Year

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HUNTSVILLE, Texas -- Convicted killer Kenneth Parr expressed love for his family before he was executed Wednesday over a 1998 rape and shooting in Bay City.

Thirty-year-old Linda Malek was killed during a break-in and robbery at her home.

Parr, who was 18 at the time of the slaying, became the 20th condemned inmate executed this year in Texas.

In a brief final statement, Parr quietly said, quote: "I just want to tell my family I love y'all, man," he said. He mentioned two brothers by name and said, "keep your head up, y'all. I'm ready."

He never looked at the relatives of his victims, including her parents. His mother and other relatives sobbed as they watched him die and didn't want to leave after Parr was pronounced dead.

Some pounded on the witness chamber window when prison officials covered Parr's body with a sheet.