Local Stores and Shoppers Get Ready for Tax Free Weekend

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Texas shoppers and local stores are gearing up for what is expected to be a busy weekend. The next three days mark Texas' ninth annual sales tax holiday.

Thursday, shoppers hit the stores in droves, but not all of them were actually shopping.

"I will go tomorrow without the kids though," shopper Becky Knesek said. She wrote down shoe sizes and picked out clothes to purchase this weekend.

"Buying for two kids is very expensive," Knesek said. "You have to get shoes and all new clothes along with school supplies, so it's very important."

Friday through Sunday marks Texas' annual tax holiday. That means most clothes and shoes priced under $100 will be free from state and local taxes. For every $100 you spend, you'll save about $8.

"It saves the parents of school children a lot of money as they go back to school," State Representative Fred Brown said.

It's estimated Texas shoppers will save $52 million in state and local taxes this year.

"Everybody comes in here looking for tax relief, and we're here to provide it for them," Academy Manager in Training Ryan Hodson said.

Academy Sports and Outdoors in College Station will be fully staffed and fully stocked this weekend.

"It's going to be really busy," Hodson said.

From backpacks to jeans, shoppers will be buying what they need for a discount.

"It's the state's way of giving back to the people that support our state government," Brown said.

For shoppers, it's a way to buy a lot for less.

The state comptroller's office has a complete list of items exempt from taxes.