Christian Camp Counselors Indicted on Charges of Dragging Girl

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) - The director of a Christian boot camp and an employee have been indicted on aggravated assault charges.

Charles Eugene Flowers and Stephanie Bassitt of San Antonio-based Love Demonstrated Ministries are accused of dragged a 15-year-old girl behind a van after she fell behind the group during a morning run in June.

Yesterday's indictment followed the arrest of the defendants last week.

The two were released Wednesday from Nueces County Jail after posting $100,000 bond each.

Flowers, a retired U.S. Air Force instructor, has declined to comment on the allegations.

The 32-day boot camp for girls ages 13 to 19 includes 28 days at a facility near San Antonio, then four days at a camp in Banquete, about 10 miles west of Corpus Christi.

State authorities say the camp isn't required to be licensed because it lasts only 32 days.