Families in Desperate Search for Missing Relatives After Powerful Quake

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PISCO, Peru (AP) - Hundreds injured by Peru's killer earthquake lay side-by-side on cots outside hospitals, as doctors fear more aftershocks may collapse the buildings.

Government doctors have called off their national strike for higher pay to handle the emergency.

The magnitude-eight quake has killed more than 500 people and
injured 1,500.

Rescue workers in the hard-hit city of Ica laid out the dead in body bags along the city's plaza.

Relatives searching desperately for missing loved ones unzipped the bags, crying hysterically if they recognized a familiar face.

Peru's president has declared a state of emergency.

The U.S. Navy hospital ship Comfort, which is equipped with a staff of 800 and 12 operating rooms, is in Ecuador and could quickly sail to Peru if asked.

The State Department says one American died in the quake.