Soldiers Suspended in Fort Hood Training Death

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FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) - Several soldiers leading a training program have been suspended and face administrative action after a Fort Hood sergeant died during a solo navigation exercise.

Colonel Mack Huey says no judicial actions, which could include a court-martial, are pending, but that's still a possibility.

Huey declined to say how many soldiers are suspended or how their actions may have contributed to the death of Sergeant Lawrence Sprader.

His body was found June 12th, four days after Sprader disappeared during a solo navigation training exercise on the massive range. Sprader died from dehydration and hyperthermia.

Fort Hood, about two weeks after Sprader's death, canceled the training program that included the navigation exercise.

The soldier's father, Larry Sprader of Prince George, Virginia, says he feels angry, but not at the Army -- at the individuals they're going to hold accountable.