Immigration a Problem for Counties Not Along the Border

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VICTORIA, Texas (AP) - Victoria County Sheriff T. Michael O'Connor says the roundup of 16 illegal immigrants after a chase illustrates the need for more federal assistance.

O'Connor says even though his county is not along the border, pursuits of illegal immigrants are a daily occurrence. Hundreds are detained in the county each year.

O'Connor says he began an alliance of South Texas sheriffs to send a message that counties miles from the border are dealing with significant immigration problems. He said he wants Austin and Washington to provide more resources, communication and intelligence.

On Monday, Victoria County officers chased a pickup truck after it failed to pull over for a traffic stop.

The truck left the road and two of its occupants jumped in the Guadalupe River. They had to be rescued.

The driver of the truck was turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The other occupants were picked up by the Border Patrol for processing and deportation.