Man Charged with Stealing $10,000 Cowboy Boots

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SAINT JO, Texas (AP) - Police have charged a man with felony theft for allegedly stealing a pair of $10,000 cowboy boots from a North Texas custom shop.

Adrian Lex Parker was arrested Wednesday at the Saint Jo police department when he came in to give a statement.

An employee of Trail Town Custom Leather identified the 30-year-old as the suspect who made off with the boots last month.

Carl Chappell crafted the boots, which won an award at the 2003 Boot and Saddle Makers Trade Show Roundup in Wichita Falls.

Saint Jo Police Chief Jonathan Lloyd says Parker denies taking the boots.

Police recovered the boots last week in Muenster. Chappell says they'd sustained about $1,500 worth of damage.

Chappell says he'll try to clean up the boots, but a complete restoration would be "an exercise in futility."