Pride of Texas Comes Home to Centerville

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Winning the crown of Miss Texas took Molly Hazlett away from home, so her return to her hometown of Centerville was filled with a lot of fan fare.

As she made her way along I-45, she was greeted by the Lone Star Princesses and a huge billboard baring her likeness.

"I had no idea this was coming," Hazlett said. "I knew there'll probably be a little banner in town or something, but this is just more than what I could have asked for."

That was only the beginning. Family, friends, and proud citizens welcomed home their shining star with a reception at Centerville High School.

While competing for the Miss Texas title, Molly got her strength from home. Her mother Sherri says Molly's confidence in herself made it easy to back her decision to enter the Miss Texas pageant.

"She's always been willing to try new things so I was there to support her," Sherri said.

Now, Molly is achieving what she is always sought.

"It's amazing to be able to tell people that I'm living my dream," Molly said.

It's a dream her dad Joel vividly recalls as she was growing up.

"She used to prance around the house in long dress in her mom's shoes," he said. "It's just something she's always wanted."

Younger brother Joseph says she has always been a role model, and that made her the perfect choice to represent to Lone Star state.

"She carries herself like Miss Texas," Joseph said. "She looks like a Miss Texas. She's beautiful and awesome."

Being a positive role model is something Molly has a lot of experience doing. She danced right into it at the age of 15.

"I've been a dance teacher for five years, but I don't think of it only as a dance studio," Hazlett said. "I've been a big sister to all these girls."

Those in Centerville like Lone Star Princess Kyndall Magyar say it is her ability to connect with people that makes her so inspiring to everyone she meets.

"She's always around people, and she's so nice," Magyar said. "She makes you feel so special, and it's just very nice to be around her."

It was clear there was enough pride in Centerville on Saturday to fill up the state of Texas.

On January 26, Molly will travel to Las Vegas to compete for the Miss America crown.

The pageant will be televised on TLC.