Last Minute Run and Reminder for Back to School

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Only hours away from the start of the new school year, crowds of people could be found picking up final school items at Post Oak Mall.

Among them was Hearne resident Chris Lopez.

"I'm getting last minute things," Lopez said. "My wife is shopping. Kids need this and they want to exchange this and exchange that."

P.J. Vargas from Bryan said a busy summer caused his family to venture out at the last minute to buy jeans and other clothes.

Howver, Vargas said he put a plan in motion early on to help his kids get up on time and make the first day go off without a hitch--hopefully.

"For the past two weeks we've been working in the girls to go to bed early by 8 o'clock, 8:30 a.m.," Vargas said. "You know that way they are already accustomed to it, but always the first day is the worst day."

Texas A&M University student Ashley Green does not have a chance but to follow a similar plan.

"I have an 8 a.m. Class. Monday, Wednesday, Friday--8 a.m."

Green and fellow Aggie Tyler Porter are already working to start the year off right.

"I'll probably get a shower before I get to bed so I don't get up in the morning and take one," Green said.

Porter is an upper classman who knew how to kick off the semester.

"I'm getting my books together and stuff like that so that I'm really for my first day and I can go at it with full strength," Porter said.

Also planning to go full strength is Bryan's finest.

Bryan Police Sergeant Kenny Meadors of the Traffic Safety Unit said there is going to be a strong police presence out on Monday.

"Every officer that's available that's not on a call, they'll be choosing a school to go to and monitoring that school zone," Meadors said.

The sergeant wants drivers to pay close attention to reduce speed limits in school zones in the morning and afternoon because he will.

"Tolerance level in school zones is a lot lower than what we normally give on just a regular open roadway," Meadors said.

In addition, drivers need to be aware of school buses loading and unloading students.

"State law requires you to stop whenever the school bus has its lights activated," Meadors said.

The count down is on to another year of learning.