Construction Mishap Closes North Zulch Schools

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Monday was the first day back to school for kids from all over the Brazos Valley, but for some North Zulch students, their first day didn't last very long.

Just before 10 a.m., school officials were notified that some nearby construction had caused one of the school's main water lines to break.

"We have found lots of water lines have been laid in the past 30 to 40 years that nobody knew about, and we have found just about every one of them now" North Zulch ISD Principal Tim Waldrip said. "This is just one of the main ones going across the road that wasn't even on school property."

No water for the rest of the school day meant area youngsters called it a day just before noon.

"They took it well. We went to each classroom and let them call their parents, talked to all the individual parents," Waldrip said. "Actually, it all went pretty smooth for 350 kids in the district."

The water line was expected to be fixed Monday evening, and officials say they expect school to resume Tuesday.