Interim VP of Research Named at A&M

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Texas A&M has named an interim vice president for research, this as the university remains under investigation for lab research wrongdoings.

James Calvin has served as the executive associate vice president for research since 2001.

"I urge you to give Dr. Calvin your full support as we continue to build on the university’s tremendous strengths in our research-related endeavors," said A&M Interim Provost Jerry Strawser in a statement.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control is investigating the university after a pair of incidents in early 2006 where researchers were infected with bioweapons agents. A&M officials have admitted to late reporting of the incidents to the CDC.

Richard Ewing had served as the vice president of research. His resignation from the position is effective Friday. He will remain on as the responsible official, a role mandated by the CDC for research institutions.

Bioweapons research has been suspended while the investigation is being conducted.