Texas SAT Scores Up in Math and Reading, but Below National Average

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DALLAS (AP) - Texas students scored slightly higher on the reading and math sections of the SAT this year, but their scores were lower than the national average.

The College Board reports that the average math score in Texas was 507, up one point from last year.

In reading, Texas students improved by one point to 492.

The average score on the writing section dropped five points to 487.

A perfect score on each section is 800.

Nationally, the average math score dropped by three points to 515, one point to 502 in reading, and three points to 494 in writing.

More students than ever before took the test, both nationally and in Texas.

More than 132,000 Texas students took the test, with 47 percent of them identifying themselves as minorities.

Robert Scott, the state's acting education commissioner, says efforts to increase the difficulty of high school courses helped boost reading and math scores in Texas.