Christopher Hutchson's Mother Speaking Out To End Violence

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Diana Hutchson is speaking out after her 17-year-old son was killed last month.

"What I want is not vengeance, I'm angry and I'm hurt but I don't have a vengeful heart so I'm not on for vengeance, I just want his death to be vindicated and justice served," said Diana Hutchson, Christopher's mother.

Diana Hutchson's world was changed forever on May 9th when her 17- year-old son Christopher was gunned down in the 17 00 block of West 17th in Bryan.

20-year-old Manuel Gusman and 19 year-old Joey Reyes remain in the Brazos County Jail on two counts each of engaging in organized criminal activity and are accused of assaulting Christopher and his friend just before Christopher was fatally shot.

So far no arrests have been made in the murder.

"Christopher was a big hearted person very well disciplined very curious, he loved Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee was his idol," Diana Hutchson recalled.

The junior at Lamar Alternative School had a passion for extreme sports, excelling in football, taekwondo, and mixed martial arts.

His Mom says she kept him well-rounded in school as he also played violin for a time.

"It could just as well be your kid so we need to reclaim our kids we need to reclaim our children back, parents we need to stand up and take a stand," Diana Hutchson said.

"Our son was basically a strong young man ok, he's bright, intelligent, very compassionate he put his heart in everything he did," said James Brown, Christopher's dad.

Now Christopher's Mom is lending her voice to S.O.S. Ministries to try to end violence in our community.

"We send hundreds of troops to the front lines, to fight a war on terror and we have terror in our own backyards and we're not even addressing that," Diana Hutchson said.

With summer vacation looming, Christopher's parents are urging others to join them in taking a stand against the violence.

"I just implore the citizens of the city to come together and bring to justice the person who's done this. Any information is of substance no matter how big or how small is greatly appreciated."

Information that can be given to Crimestoppers anonymously at 775-TIPS.

S.O.S. Ministries is having an upcoming meeting to address violence in the community.

It's scheduled for
June 7th at 7 PM at S.O.S. Ministries
1700 Groesbeck Street, Bryan, TX‎
(979) 775-5357