Comatose Woman's Baby Delivered by C-Section

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AUSTIN — A woman who was left comatose after her estranged husband attacked her earlier this year has given birth to a baby girl.

Dana Conley, 38, carried the child for nearly an entire term while unconscious. Doctors delivered the 5-pound 3-ounce baby Thursday via Caesarean section, according to a prepared statement from Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley.

Conley was attacked on Feb. 9 by Julius Conley, a former Travis County corrections officer, at their Round Rock home.

The two were going through a divorce at the time of the attack and had a tumultuous and abusive marriage.

Dana Conley and a friend, Quincy Johnson, were moving her belongings out of the house on Feb. 9 when Julius Conley arrived unexpectedly and attacked both of them with a dumbbell, hitting them repeatedly in the head, investigators said.

Johnson later died of his injuries.

Julius Conley pleaded guilty to murder and aggravated assault in July and was given two life sentences.

Dana Conley's parents, who live in California, took temporary custody of the baby, according to the district attorney's statement.