Texas A&M Student Falls from Hwy 21 Bridge

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A Texas A&M freshman is recovering from serious injuries sustained in a fall from an area bridge.

According to a website set up through CaringBridge, a service for families to update patient conditions, Betsy Helbing was on the Highway 21 bridge over the Brazos River late Wednesday when she "lost her footing" and plunged more than 30 feet. She was airlifted to St. Joseph, according to the site, after friends with her called for help.

Helbing suffered a number of injuries, including to her spine, the CaringBridge page reports.

Aggies have said it is a fairly common practice for their peers to lay under the railroad tracks at the 21 bridge.

Friends have set up a "Pray for Betsy Helbing" group at the popular Facebook website. Nearly 3,000 users had signed up for the group as of Saturday morning.