Aggie Game Leaves Hundreds of Fans Overheated

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The longest football game in Texas A&M history not only took a toll on players, but on fans as well.

Close to 350 spectators at Saturday's triple-overtime victory fans had to be treated at Kyle Field first aid stations. About 200-250 of those emergencies were for heat-related illnesses. That's more than twice the number that required medical attention during the Aggies first home game.

Texas A&M Student Health Services Director Linda Lekawski said the unusually large number of over-heated fans was probably due to a combination of factors. "Certainly the heat and humidity are primarily to blame. The length of the game probably played a part. But insufficient hydration was what we saw most."

Lekawski adds that skipping breakfast and lunch before a mid-afternoon game can cause serious problems with blood sugar. "You also need to be modest in your use of things like caffeine or beverages that may contain alcohol," said Lekawski. "Those can bring about dehydration even quicker."