Kurten Unveils Signs In Hopes of More Recognition

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Seven years after Kurten was incorporated, the small town is making sure people know where it is.

The town unveiled a new sign Wednesday morning so people will hopefully stop and maybe stay a while.

"We were kind of like out of sight, out of mind when they put the bypass in here," Kurten Mayor Ronnie Vitulli said. "We wanted to expose what's going on in Kurten."

"It used to be the only way you knew where Kurten was, was to look for the church steeple," Kurten resident Diana Kurten said. "You can still look for the church steeple, but now with the signs, people know where to turn and know exactly where we are."

Kurten was established in the 1800's and was incorporated in 2000.

"We knew that growth was coming and we wanted to make sure that the growth was the kind the people wanted it to be," Vitulli said. "Bryan is expanding and we wanted to have our own identity."

Kurten has a population of 260 and the town is about 1,200 acres.
There is a fire station, a century old post office, a community center, a new bank and a diner.

"It is a friendly, loving, sharing place," Kurten resident Amy Kurten said.

Kurten has lived in the town bearing her name for decades.

"My fondest memories are raising my family here, and being able to teach in the Kurten community," Kurten said.

The mother of five married into the Kurten family and was there to see the sign's unveiling.
She hopes that more people will now know where the small town is.

The signs are sure to help. Travelers now have a little help finding the quaint town known for its country kindness and history.

You can visit Kurten this weekend.
The town is having its annual Fall Festival on Saturday.