Robertson County Leads Brazos Valley in Fatal Accident Deaths

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On September 3, a family of four were killed in Calvert. On September 6, two people were killed on Highway 79, while one person was killed on Highway 6 near FM 2549. On September 11, another fatal accident claimed one life on Highway 7, near Marquez. And on September 12, two more people were killed on Highway 6, just north of OSR.

Ten fatalities within ten days. Robertson County roads have quickly become a death trap for motorists. Some officials say they've never seen anything like it.

"It's highly unusual that you have that many people lose their lives in car crashes in that short a period of time," Department of Public Safety Tropper Eddie Carmon said. "It's not something that occurs on a regular basis, and it's unusual that you see that."

DPS Fatal Accident Reports Year to Date:

Brazos County: Three fatal accidents, three killed.
Burleson County: Four fatal accidents, four killed.
Madison County: One fatal accident, one killed.
Milam County: Six fatal accidents, eight killed.
Robertson County: 13 fatal accidents, 22 killed.

In 2006, DPS reports nine fatalities in Robertson County for the year.

"None of the other roadways seem to be experiencing the problems they're having on the roadways of Robertson County at this time," Carmon said.

Officials say population growth may be partially to blame, as traffic flow has increased in the area. However, officials say people need to do their part, when getting behind the wheel.

"A lot of the accidents we have seen have vehicles who were crossing the center line," Bob Colwell with the Texas Department of Transportation said. "So we need to pay attention more when we're driving -- all of us."

"Not the roadways, not the vehicles, it's the actions of the drivers involved in these traffic crashes that really are the causing factors," Carmon said. "Either poor driving maneuvers, not paying attention while they're driving, or traffic violations," Carmon said.

Officials say they hope motorists learn from the deadly string of accidents before another fatality on the roadways has to occur.