Texas A&M Answers Why Fruits and Veggies Are Good For You

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Texas A&M is helping the world explain why eating fruits and vegetables is so important.

Agricultural officials from 19 countries served formed a delegation that took a tour of research labs at A&M's Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center.

The delegates' stop in College Station was one of several made during their week-long tour of facilities in Texas.

During their visit to A&M, delegates were introduced to research and outreach programs that demonstrate how eating fruits and vegetables impacts human health.

The Improvement Center’s Director Dr. Bhimu Patil said through multi-disciplined research conducted in various situations, researchers have been able to discover what it is in fruits and vegetables that aids the body to achieve or maintain homeostasis.

Patil said those discoveries have in turn led to the creation of teaching literature and programs for consumers, especially for kids that could serve as an effective model for others to duplicate.

"We hope that they will take these message to developing countries or where they may be from and try to set up similar programs like this," Patil said.

The delegates " Tour of Texas" was developed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to offer a look at the state's $85 billion dollar agriculture industry.