Houston Tycoon Cleared, Guide Indicted in Russian Hunting Trip

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HOUSTON (AP) - A Virginia-based hunting guide has been indicted on a charge of importing antlers and horns from game that was illegally hunted in Russia.

But his client, Houston billionaire Dan Duncan, was cleared of charges.

Robert Kern, head of The Hunting Consortium, was indicted this week on one count of violating the Lacey Act. It prohibits importing wildlife that was obtained in violation of any other country's laws.

Kern led a 2002 hunting trip in Siberia, where 74-year-old Duncan and other hunters shot moose and sheep while flying in a helicopter.

Kern's attorney says he's not guilty and will fight the charge.

In July, Duncan told a Houston grand jury that he was unaware that hunting from an aircraft was illegal in Russia.

Rusty Hardin, Duncan's lawyer, says the grand jury declined to indict Duncan.