Propane Tanks Ignite on Opening Day of Austin Music Festival

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AUSTIN — Austin City Limits Music Festival was smoking Friday, but not from the hundreds of bands expected to rock the park this weekend.

A fire dispatcher said propane tanks ignited as thousands of music fans packed Zilker Park, where the famed weekend festival was just getting underway. Firefighters quickly put out the blaze.

Two workers near food service trailers were critically injured and were transported to a hospital. One of them suffered from throat burns, while the other person suffered from third-degree external burns, said Warren Hassinger, spokesman for the Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services.

No other injuries were reported, Hassinger said.

The festival is named for the popular national public television show Austin City Limits, which has been airing since 1975. The program originally focused on Austin and the city's music, and the festival built upon those themes. It features a wide array of American musical genres — everything from rock and country to blues and gospel.