Hispanic Network Boosting Texas A&M's Hispanic Enrollment

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One of Texas A&M University's Vision 20/20 goals is to diversify the student body.

Through an Aggie collection of ideas, hard work, and experiences, the Texas A&M Hispanic Network is seeking to increase the number of Hispanic students who enroll and graduate from A&M.

Texas A&M Hispanic Network Chairman David Flores said a more diverse student population on campus offers a true representation of the cultures present throughout the state.

"A&M must increase diversity of its student body and reflect the population of the state of Texas," Flores said. "And so what we do is we support the university mission."

For two days, former and current students gathered to discuss ways to increase A&M's appeal to Hispanics from across the nation.

Projections show Hispanics will represent close to 50 percent of the college population in Texas in the year 2025.

A&M's Interim President Eddie Davis said the university, with the help of the Hispanic Network, is letting Hispanics know the doors at A&M are open.

"They are our outreach in the Hispanic community to say to Hispanic youth and families that Texas A&M is a place that you can go and succeed and have a great experience," Davis said.

It is not just Hispanics A&M is trying to reach. The programs developed as a result of this year's summit will be designed to attract all minorities.

"Our long term goal is to achieve the college going population in every ethnic group so, that if we have ,for example ,a college going population among Hispanics of 30 percent all go to college, we want that same level of population right at Texas A&M," Davis said.

CNN Senior Vice President for International Relations Rolando Santos said Aggies coming together to impact our society is the Aggie way.

"Most people think the 12th man ends when you leave Texas A&M," Santos said. "The reality is the 12th man should be part of your entire life. You should be someones 12th man."

Santos a 1978 Texas A&M graduate and former a KBTX on-air personality said the spirit of the 12th man can help Aggies find effective ways to attract future Aggies across every cultural boundary.