Flooded South Texas To Be Hit By New Storm

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LAREDO, Texas (AP) - Laredo police are going door to door to help evacuate low-lying areas as the rain-swollen Rio Grande reached nearly 30 feet above flood stage.

Lt. Ricardo Ramirez says the evacuation of about 30 homes, due to the flooding threat, started at 1 a.m. Thursday. Ramirez says no injuries have been reported.

The National Weather Service says flood stage at the Rio Grande at Laredo is 8 feet. The level topped 37.3 feet by mid-morning Thursday.

Part of the flooded Rio Grande is being diverted into miles of wide channels to eventually send some of the flow to the Gulf of Mexico. The Rio Grande poured into the wide floodway Thursday, encroaching on a riverside park in Mission.

The International Boundary and Water Commission says the last similar diversion happened after 1988's Hurricane Gilbert.

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