DNA Missing Link in Navasota Murder

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It's another July day in downtown Navasota, for everyone except Nancy Stolz. This time last year, her husband Don was robbed then killed in their liquor store.

A year later, the signs are down, flowers gone but no one is accused of his death.

"It's unthinkable that this has gone on this long," said Stolz.

She wonders if the attention to her husband's case left with the last patrol car.

"I see it being pushed aside," said Stolz.

Navasota Police Chief Shawn Myatt said that's not the case.

"It's my understanding at this point and time what we're waiting for is results from the lab," said Myatt.

Results, said Grimes County District Attorney Tuck McLain, from hundreds of pieces of evidence collected at the crime scene, but results that right now, aren't adding up.

"There's not enough evidence right now to indict or charge anybody or accuse them of murder," said McLain.

Which means in the in the year since Don Stolz's life was taken, his killer or killers have been walking free; including two people investigators believe may have been involved.

"There's certainly people the investigation is focused on to some extent until we can prove they were involved or eliminate them," said McLain.

When asked if investigators were keeping an eye on the persons of interest, McLain replied "Well I mean to the extent anybody can keep an eye on anybody. When they do get arrested we usually find out about it pretty quick, so we do pay attention to where they are and what's going on, certainly."

Myatt said the people of interest don't live in Navasota, or even Grimes County, but that doesn't lessen their threat.

"The possibility of happening again, you know we can't predict these things but it would be my thought process that if it happened once, you should be concerned at all times," said Myatt.

"We live everyday wondering who's going to be next," said Stolz. "Who else are they gonna kill, who else's family is gonna live with what we're going through."

"I really believe we're gonna get these guys in my heart of hearts," said McLain. "I may be wrong, but I believe we're gonna get the guys who did this and they'll pay the ultimate price when the time comes."

The question is how much longer Nancy Stolz will have to wait.

There is a $6,000 reward being offered in the case.