Former Rose Home Employee Speaks Out

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"They didn't even stay for a night to train me," said former Rose Home employee, Delia Rodriguez.

Her first day of work was about a month ago, the day after her job interview.

Delia Rodriguez said, "That was it. They didn't even stay for a night to train me. They just told me what I had to do and left me there, by myself, with three elderlys."

She says she was interviewed and hired by The Rose Home administrator's daughter, Tabby, and immediately started working at "Tabby's Home" in Bryan at 1707 Luza Drive.

"I had to put them in bed, change their diaper and give them their medicines," said Delia Rodriguez.

Delia says Tabby and Rose Rodriguez were her points of contact while working, and also says she worked at several of the nursing homes. "The Chantal Home" is in College Station at 3739 Chantal Circle. "The Villa Maria Home" is in Bryan in the 2600 block of Villa Maria and she also worked at The Rose Home located at 505 E. Pease Street, also in Bryan.

"It was too much work for me because they were giving me a lot of hours...they wouldn't let me...take a day off or nothing," said Delia Rodriguez.

According to Rose Rodriguez these nursing homes are supposed to be offering individual care and all the caregivers pass background checks and drug tests, but this former employee says otherwise.

Delia Rodriguez said, "One time, I called Rose and I told her I needed help changing know, because it was my first day, and she said she was going to send somebody to help me, but she never did."

"They didn't drug test me, nothing really, they just asked me about transportation," said Delia Rodriguez.

This mother of three felt like she was in over her head and ended up quitting The Rose Home.

"They were short on supplies, you know, they were missing wipes," she said.

Although Delia is no longer there for her former patients, she says she still worries about them.