Health Science Center Opens Doors

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Texas A&M's Health Science Center has officially opened its new campus in Bryan and it's being called the beginning of a new era.

Dignitaries from across the state were in attendance for the ceremony, but for students it was just another day in class.

The public got it's first glimpse at the new Health Science Center Thursday.

An early afternoon ceremony opened the newest chapter in the life of the college.

But some students are already calling it home.

"I think it is very nice, I mean, I've been very impressed. This is only my second day here, but I've really enjoyed it and I'm very, very impressed," says nursing student Danielle Cordes.

It looks and sounds real, but these second year nursing students are actually in a simulation. The man on the gurney, a simulated car crash patient.

" What we are doing initially is assessing him, finding out is he's in pain, taking his vital signs," says Jessica Morgan.

"In a hospital setting we work on the floor but we don't necessarily see critical things like this every day, but this is good for us to get that experience," says Cordes.

"The facilities out here are outstanding and really do prepare well for going out into the medical facilities in town," adds Morgan.

The new building has more than a dozen rooms set up for different scenarios and students are already reaping the benefits.

"You only have a finite time as a student and I can't promise that every student will be at the hospital to see an asthma case or a heart attack, this way you may have gotten lots of patient time, but you never saw a heart attack. I can create one for you and you can practice," says Dr. Nancy Dickey, president of the Health Science Center.

"The more skills we can teach them on a computer or mannequin, the better able they are to go in and use their patient time most effectively," adds Dickey.

Compared to their current classrooms back on the A&M Campus?

"This is, oh my gosh, probably 10 times the size and a lot better equipment. I think it's been a lot better so far," laughs Cordes.

New technology training the next generation of health care professionals.