"Flesh Eating" Bacteria Has Aggies Rallying For Co-Worker

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After noticing slight pain, swelling and fluid build up at the site of her cesarean section, Tiffany Inbody phoned her doctor.

"Something's not right but I don't know what,” Inbody said. “He said be
first thing in the morning and by the next morning I couldn't get off the floor. I was very ill."

Only days after giving birth to her second child, Tiffany somehow became infected with nectrotizing fasciitis, commonly referred to as the “flesh eating” bacteria.

Four different strains of Strep A combined to form the deadly bacteria that was aggressively eating her body.

It took three surgeries in two days to remove infected skin and soft tissue.

An infection can severely devastate and deform a person’s body if it is not caught in time.

Tiffany was fortunate her infection was diagnosed early enough for her doctor to keep it from spreading.

It was a time that her husband, David, needed to be by her side and her entire family, including Aggies, pitched in so that could happen.

Julie Barker is just one of Tiffany's A&M family members.

"We organized on campus and in the community, gathering diapers, formula for her and meals taken to the house so they didn't have to worry about that," Barker said.

Six months later, her co-workers from Texas A&M University’s Division of Research and Graduate Studies are still helping.

They organized a 5K Run/Walk to help the Inbody family with remaining medical bills.

"Because of Tiffany and who she is,” Barker said. “She's has so many
people who love her."

Tiffany said she realizes just how blessed she is to work with remarkable people.

"I'm just so thankful for them and everything they've done. And they are an amazing group," Tiffany said.

Almost back to a normal routine with his wife and two small kids, David says the ordeal has revealed something important.

"When things go bad, you find out who your real friends are and we definitely got a parking lot full of them out here--without a doubt," David said.

Organizers said the 5K Run/Walk registered 130 participants and raised more than $3,000.