Drug Paraphernalia & "Legal Weed" Sold in Gas Stations

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It's something you hope to never find in your kids' room; a marijuana pipe. But believe it or not, pipes and other similar items are popping up at your local corner store.

Sgt. Chuck Fleeger with the College Station Police Department says it's completely legal. “Until its manifested into some way, whether its marijuana being place in it and smoked then at that point it becomes illegal.”

While you have to be 18 to buy one, kids of all ages are being exposed to the paraphernalia because unlike “head shops,” you don't have to be a certain age to walk into a gas station.

One store that sells the smoking devices sits right down the road from the police station and less than a mile from A&M Consolidated High School.

Fleeger says it doesn't influence teens to use drugs. “I think if a person is so inclined to use drugs they're going to use whatever they can get their hands on..”

While you have to be 18 to buy one---kids of all ages are being exposed to paraphernalia just like this. Walk in to this gas station on 2818 and Texas Avenue and whether you like it or not...smoking devices are on display...sitting by the cash register. This woman—who didn't want to show her face on camera lives right by there store.

"here anybody…like I said Jr high high school kids can walk in there and see that kind of paraphernalia."

In fact, this gas station is less than a mile away from A&M Consolidated High School...and right down the road from the police station. Sgt Chuck Fleeger says the fact pipes are being sold at places much more public than head shops doesn't effect the number of people who use drugs.

" I think if a person is so inclined to use drugs they're gonna use whatever they can get their hands on. "

Either way, we wanted to talk to the folks behind the counter to see just how popular these pieces are...and why people buy them...but we didn't get far.

"we’re with channel 3 news and we’re doing a story about gas stations selling pips and paraphernalia can we talk to someone about that…my owner is out of the city and without his permission we canno"t

The owner declined to comment. So we tried another store. This one near Rock Prarie and Welborn road sells the same loot.

" you should talk to my boss I guess "

Dozens of other convenience stores in BCS sell these items...but no one wanted to talk to us. So, one of our staffers went in undercover.

(News 3 Employee)"Hey man can you recommend a pipe to me?"

(Store Worker) "Metal or glass?"

(News 3 Employee) "Uhh Glass. . $29.99?? Can I get some screens for this? "

(Store Worker) "Sure, I need to see your ID."

Not only was the clerk eager to sell the pipe. He wanted to be sure our undercover guy had something to smoke out of it.

(Store worker) " Right now I have this K2 on sale for 30 bucks."
(News 3 Employee)" Oh yeah? So Ive never used it before...is it pretty umm?"
(Store Worker)" One of the hottest things out right now."

(News 3 Employee) "What is it like?"

(Store worker) "I haven't tried it but I hear its like the other stuff."

Take a look at the latest drug craze hitting young adults across the country. It's called K-2...and it's one of the several brands of synthetic marijuana. Often called “spice” or “legal weed” on the streets. While searching for stores selling pipes...we also discovered they sell this too. In fact, we found it in nearly half of the gas stations in the Brazos Valley. And..you guessed it...it's also completely legal.

“Spice” is sold as incense or potpourri, but users smoke it. It was originally created for cancer patients to use as an alternative to marijuana. But later found to have no medical benefits...only negative side effects. According to the creator himself...Dr. John Huffman, the substance is 20-30 percent more powerful than marijuana and should not be smoked or injested.

" how do you know what that is? There's always that but with anything there could always be possible side effects"

Despite the risks...local teenagers..just like this recent consol grad...are smoking it up...

" I'm feeling I guess light the light is a little trippy and things are pulsating" (giggling…for 3 secs)

Here's some pretty strong evidence on the explosive popularity of K-2 and it's inherent dangers. In 2009 Poison control centers only received 12 calls. So far this year...., Poison control centers have received almost 800 calls about synthetic marijuana and it's only July.

Since the recent surge in spice use...6 states have outlawed it...several more are considering banning the product. Tonight at Ten on News 3 we'll tell you what some cities across Texas are doing about this new craze and what our city leaders here are saying about it. We'll also take a look at just how dangerous using this so-called legal marijuana is.