$9M Marijuana Farm Discovered in Madison County

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An estimated nine-million dollars of marijuana is seized over the weekend in Madison County. The pot farm, which authorities are calling one of the most sophisticated and well-orchestrated operation was located on a secluded property just a few miles away from the tiny town of Midway.

It's being called the largest marijuana growing operation in Madison County history.

“This operation was obviously going on for several years,” said Madison County Sheriff Travis Neeley.

Just after 4 Friday, more than 18,000 marijuana plants were discovered by accident -- from a group of men leasing property for hunting season.

“Most of this is even inaccessible to deer hunters and these guys just happen to have a tractor mower, trying to clear out trails for this place and happened to stumble across it,” Neeley added.

The size of the pot farm took up two acres.

“Where it's located, vehicle traffic on the road, you'd never know it was there,” said Neeley, and where it's laid out in the woods, aerial observation would almost be impossible.”

The rural location and easy access to a creek, authorities say, offers the ideal environment for this type of drug operation -- especially during harvest season.

“This is a prime production season for marijuana,” Neeley said. “They [the plants] are about six-foot and then these over here range in size from about two-to-four foot."

Investigators with the Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division say a large percentage of marijuana growing operations are funded by international drug traffickers from Mexico -- and this case is no exception.

“It was well organized, well-orchestrated and well thought out and quite a bit of physical work," said Neeley.

The squatters who've been living and caring for the plants left behind a number of personal hygiene products, clothing, and tents for sleeping, batteries and fertilizer. DPS says the estimated street value is $9M.

No arrests have been made; however, the investigation continues.

“When you've got the amount of batteries that we located here and written in Spanish?” questioned Neeley. “I don't know a store that sells anything like that around here.”

The DPS CID sent the following statement, "Our division remains focused on investigating domestic marijuana growing operations and bringing justice to those persons responsible."