College Station Soldier Returns Home

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When you haven't seen your family in a long time, a lot of emotions build up inside you. A College Station soldier returned home on Thursday after a year in Afghanistan.

Lane Martin was welcomed home by his family while being embraced with hugs and a lot of love.

After leaving the Easterwood Airport, Lane and his family went home to get comfortable.

As a mother, Rachel Martin struggled with not being able to hear her son's voice every night.

She received comfort in a voice recording from a teddy bear to remind her of Lane that said, "I love you Mom".

For the last seven years, Martin has been serving in the Army Reserves. During his recent tour in Afghanistan he worked in Security Forces.

After a job well done, he's happy to be surrounded by his loved ones.

"You get a chance to get excited about seeing everyone again, you're putting all of Afghanistan and all the traveling behind you," said Martin.

Now he's getting settled in and taking those steps back to everyday life.