A/C Companies Working Long Hours for Repairs

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Bryan, TX Temperatures may be cooler this week, but local A/C repairmen are working overtime to keep your house cool.

At least one company says they're backed up, with at least a four day wait for some services.

News 3 discovered how A/C technicians are feeling the heat.

The calls keep coming for Richard Benavides: from homes to offices and sweltering attics.

He's the Service Manager for Climate Doctors of B/CS.

"We're at to about a four to five day wait period out, unless it's like for the elderly or newborn children or something try to get to them as fast as we can," said Benavides.

Temperatures soared to 106 over the weekend and while things are cooler this week, the hours are long and the work warm.

"12-15 hour day... The most common problem is the capacitor, where you have lack of cleaning on the system," he said.

Coalition For Life was feeling the heat Monday afternoon in Bryan where it was 86 degrees.

Even outside felt better.

"And even the clients that come in here. I apologize that it's kind of stuffy and hot in here," said Veronika Johannsen with Coalition For Life.

She says they are staying cool however they can.

It turns out the motor on the outside unit had died on Friday and it'll be one more day before it can get fixed.

"Very difficult to be inside but thankfully we have fans and we have some stand-up fans that have been able to keep it bearable. We have a window unit in our conference room as well, so we just kind of camped out in there," said Johannsen.

Hard times beating the heat with July just getting started.

Air conditioning technicians recommend you have your unit serviced before summer and winter each year.

They also recommend you wash your outside unit with a garden hose several times a year to keep it clean and running smoothly.