A&M Consol High School Senior Stands Out

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It's an exciting time for hundreds of high school seniors across the Brazos Valley. Friday evening seniors will be graduating and many will start a new chapter that starts with college.

Each year brings new opportunities; it brings new adventures with hundreds of new faces.

"Yes, High school has definitely been an adventure,” explained A&M Consolidated High School senior Jeff Kettle.

If you ask A&M Consolidated High School teacher, Mr. Roy Rodriguez, he'll be the first to tell you, some students stand out more than others.

“You hear these stories in education all the time about teachers who have these close connections with students but you think oh that's only in movies,” explained Roy Rodriguez.

But it's not...Jeff Kettle is one of those students; not only does he stand out; his story does too.

The year before Jeff would begin high school tragedy hit home.

"We were stationed in North Carolina; he had just become a Green Beret with the Special Forces and then he went to Afghanistan and he was killed in August 2007,” said Kettle

The next few years would be dark, but Jeff says he found peace and learned his passion for film and writing after joining the speech and debate program at Consol.

“That's where I met my, family, I call Mr. Rodriguez and my friends on the team my family here at school,” explained Kettle. “

This year, Kettle was a double qualifier for the national speech and debate tournament and he's getting ready to attend college in Austin to get his foot in the door in the film industry.

“He's very talented at writing, explained Rodriguez. “He creates these stories that are unique and that are very fun.”

"I see creativity everywhere,” said Kettle. “I always think of stories; everyone always talks about having writers block, but I feel like I have way too much to write about."

Jeff is 18-years-old; Friday night he'll be graduating alongside 600 other high school seniors.

“He leaves a void that I think the other students know that although Jeff may be gone, we still need to continue this tradition of success,” said Rodriguez.

Although his father won't be attending his graduation ceremony -- Jeff says he knows his father would be proud.

Graduation for A&M Consol is just about 30 minutes away; 627 students will receive diplomas tonight at 7 p.m. at Reed Arena.