A&M Football Player Found Safe in Dallas

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Texas A&M University Police located A&M football player Thomas Johnson in Dallas on Wednesday November 14.

Johnson was last seen leaving his Reveille Ranch apartment Monday night. His roommate, Ryan Sternes, thought he was headed to football practice.

“He walked out and I was like, “alright Thomas,” and that was the last time I seen him,” said Sternes. Sternes says he’s known Johnson since they played for rival football teams in high school.

Sternes says the A&M wide receiver never made it practice.

“We tried calling him, people were looking for him, his phone was off. No one could get in touch with him. That's when people started getting worried. We just came off a big win from ‘Bama...so for him to go missing like that is uncommon,” said Sternes.

University police sent out an alert saying a Texas A&M Student was missing about 48 hours after he was last seen/

Johnson's mother spoke to the media Tuesday night.

“I'm just asking God to do that right now, to touch him in a special way where he'll want to call me,” said Linda Hanks. “If he doesn't want to, maybe somebody that has seen him, it will touch their heart to call me.”

Nicholas Obioha is one of Johnson's neighbors. He says he found out Johnson was missing on Twitter.

“A student going missing, a freshman wide receiver. I'm a big football fan and after what happened this weekend. That's the last thing you want to hear so I really got concerned about it,” said Obioha.

Hours after police announced he was missing, Johnson was found safe in the Dallas area at 2:30 AM.

No one at the Reveille Ranch apartments knows where Johnson was for two days, but that doesn't matter to Johnson's friends and neighbors.

“If he never came back to A&M, as long as I know he's ok. That's fine with me,” said Sternes

Texas A&M officials and police are not releasing additional information about the investigation due to student privacy laws.