A&M Officials: No Drones Over Kyle Field

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Drones mounted with video cameras are the latest rage with hobbyists, but Texas A&M University officials say to keep clear of Kyle Field.

Video from the air over Kyle Field has been popping up on social media sites everywhere, but because of the field's close proximity to Easterwood Airport and the several tall structures inside Kyle Field, Steve Moore with Texas A&M said it's something they'd rather not see.

"If something happened with the drone, and it were to strike one of these structures, it could cause not only damage to the structure, but to a worker, to somebody on the ground," said Moore.

As the university continues work on the multi-million dollar renovation of Kyle Field, the rules on the ground are simple. Keep out or else.

In the air, it's not so straight forward. The Federal Aviation Administration asks pilots not to fly more than 400 feet above the ground when flying within three miles of an airport, and to register with the control tower if you plan to fly at all. While there are no federal laws in place, a pilot could be fined if caught violating those guidelines.

"If worse comes to worse, and someone is caught doing this in and around Kyle Field, a police officer can stop them and tell them to bring their drone down," said Moore. "And we will report them to the FAA."

Tim Foster, owner of Hobby Town in College Station, sells several different types of remote-controlled aircrafts. He said he's worried about laws that could affect drone pilots.

"From what I've seen, people are acting very responsibly," said Foster. "You see people like Texas Eqqusearch use it to find a lost child. There's a lot of good that can be done."

Foster said from what he's seen, people seem to be doing a good job of governing the use of drones on their own.

"The hobbyists that we sell to use them on their land and use them just to have fun," said Foster.

The FAA is currently pushing for laws to be placed in the books, but so far, no word on how long that could take.