A&M President Pleased With NCAA Acting Quickly on QB Manziel

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COLLEGE STATION Texas A&M President R. Bowen says he's pleased with the quick action by the NCAA in the investigation of Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

In a live interview on KBTX News 3 at 6 on Wednesday, Loftin said, "It's good to have it resolved in a very timely fashion. The real issue was how quickly can they act on this particular information, and they've done it, and we're very happy about that."

Manziel will sit out the first half of the season opener with Rice Saturday after being suspended for his part in an autograph controversy. The school and NCAA issued a joint statement in which they say no evidence was found that the quarterback received compensation for signing his autograph based on current information and statements by Manziel.

However, he committed what they term an "inadvertent" violation by signing certain autographs, leading to the half-game suspension.

The NCAA will review any new information that may come to light to see if further action is required.