A&M Safety Awareness Week Designed to Save Lives

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas All week long, Texas A&M is arming students with information that could save their lives.

Emergency responders, safety experts and university personnel were all on hand in front of Kyle Field Tuesday morning. It was the big kick off for the Campus Safety and Awareness Week.

"It provides us an opportunity to provide resources throughout the university regarding safety and security," said said Lieutenant Allan Barone with the Texas A&M Police Department. "It makes people aware of what's going on out there as far as health, safety and security."

The safety week at A&M coincides with National Campus Safety Awareness month. Classes are scheduled for the entire week and cover a wide variety of topics designed to keep students safe. Classes such as how to intervene in a violent situation, the dangers of distracted driving, and what to do in an active shooter situation.

"We get a very good response from our students," said Barone. "At today's event, which is the meet and greet. As well as our programs throughout campus."

The final event of the week is a simulated dorm burn. Officials will ignite a miniature dorm room to emphasize the importance of fire safety.