A&M Student Leaders Plan To Fill New Kyle Field 12th Man Seats

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COLLEGE STATION - The Kyle Field Redevelopment Project is taking steps forward, but some controversy has been brewing within the stadium.

On the first row of the second deck on the 50 yard line of the students side will be 12 seats with one of the best views of Fighting Texas Aggie Football.

In February, A&M System Chancellor John Sharp spoke about their purpose.

"There will be 12 empty seats that will remain empty forever," Sharp said. "Those seats will be corded off with a brass barrier and those seats will be empty and those will be the symbolic seats for the 12th Man."

But according to the A&M Student Body President, that's no longer going to happen.

"I know he received quite a few negative emails, especially about the empty seats," said Reid Joseph. "So, it's pretty much decided that there won't be empty seats."

Now the fate of the 12 empty seats are in the students hands. Recently, Chancellor Sharp asked A&M student leaders to decide how they want to fill the seats.

"We're just very appreciative that the Chancellor has reached out to us, the students, and has really sought our feedback," Joseph said.

The Student Body President additionally said the students are looking at several options. He said one way could be to choose select students who symbolize the spirit of the 12th Man. Another option would be to use a lottery system in the student ticket pull. Whichever direction they go, there will not be a purposely empty seat in the house as the stands sway to the Aggie War Hymn.

"We want a unified 12th Man and so we decided it would be best if the the seats would be full," Joseph said.

He said a decision will be made in the next few weeks on how the seats will ultimately be filled.

The Chancellor said despite rumors, the 12th Man seats were never dedicated to memorialize the victims of the bonfire collapse.