AT&T Promotes A Campaign Against Distracted Driving In Huntsville

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Most college students lead a care-free life, but when something serious happens everything is changed.

"One of my friends has actually, he's gotten into a very bad accident from texting and driving. Luckily he survived, but you know it was very serious," said Nick Smith.

Nick Smith is a 21-year-old junior who admits to risky behavior on the road.

"It's sad to say, but I have drove and texted before and I didn't think it was a good thing."

That's why AT&T is hitting the road and advocating the" It Can Wait" campaign.On the campus of Sam Houston State University, a simulator is set up like the inside of a car, and shows students first hand dangers of texting behind the wheel, in a safe way.

Gerald Thomas with the Student Health Center hopes that the study sends a life changing message to everyone.

"We feel like texting is just as hazardous as being intoxicated while driving and for that reason we want to lower the chances of any accidents," said Thomas.

Davietta Fontenot aspires to be a Pediatric nurse and doesn't want the risk of distracted driving to put a wrench in her path.

"The phone is not as important as my life. The text can wait, I need to focus on what I'm doing . I'm in that moment driving from point A to point B. I can look at my phone when I get to point B," said Fontenot.

The University hopes to drive home the message and encourage students to make the pledge to be responsible on the road and put the phone down.