Ambulance Involved in Grimes County Crash

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Grimes County- An accident on FM 1774, four miles south of Anderson in Grimes County, involving a St. Joseph ambulance and another vehicle injured multiple EMTs and sent one person to the hospital by medical helicopter.

According to a DPS trooper, the wreck happened at 4:45 pm on Tuesday when the ambulance hit a Ford F-150 as the truck was attempting a left turn. The F-150 was traveling northbound on FM 1774 when the ambulance, that was responding to a call with its lights on, came up behind the truck. The truck slowed down to make a left turn and the driver of the ambulance assumed the truck was slowing down to let the ambulance pass. While trying to pass the F-150 the ambulance ran into the truck as it turned. The truck rolled off the road and the ambulance drove into a ditch, hit an electric pole, and ran into a fence.

Two of the EMTs in the ambulance received minor injuries and one was driven to St. Joesph in Bryan with non-life-threatening injuries. The female driver of the F-150 was taken by medical helicopter as a precaution and her injuries are also considered non-life-threatening.