Additional Smart Traffic Lights Coming To Bryan In 2014

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BRYAN, Texas If you've driven through the intersection of 29th Street and Briarcrest Drive in Bryan recently you've probably noticed a remarkable improvement ever since a signal light project was completed there.

Now some other major traffic signal replacement projects have been given the green light.

News 3 looks at why the city hopes to have you spending less time sitting in traffic.

As Bryan / College Station continues to grow, so are traffic tie-ups.

Michael Jackson is a Bryan driver and says he sees red lights a lot.

"And there's still delays so it would be nice if it got more coordinated," he said.

The City of Bryan is budgeting for major upgrades to several key intersections next year starting with Wellborn Road at F&B Road and Old College Road by the train tracks.

"We want to be able to clear F&B Road out before that train arrives, so they'll have a brand new traffic signal to look at the apartment complex that we're standing on. They'll have a traffic signal to get out on the Wellborn Road," said Dale Picha, the Director of Traffic and Transportation for the City of Bryan.

Picha says new signals are also coming to South College Avenue and Dodge Street, Villa Maria Road and Cavitt Avenue and later on; Texas Avenue at Villa Maria and Carter Creek Parkway at Villa Maria Road.

The new signals are synched together so that traffic moves faster and your commute is more efficient.

"We've got about half of our 67 signals right now on that system and definitely want to get the entire system put on there eventually," said Picha.

Some of the signals like the ones here at South College Avenue and Dodge Street are 1950's technology.

"I think it's the oldest signal in Bryan, probably in Brazos County," said Picha.

The changes will include new traffic lights and poles similar to what is along Briarcrest Drive.

Driver Michael Jackson says he hopes the signals will be more consistent.

"It just seems very haphazard... It would be hopeful if they make a difference," Jackson said.

A difference starting in early spring.

The City of Bryan estimates all the upgrades to traffic signals in Bryan will top more than $1.5 million next year.

Each intersection is expected to cost around $250,000 and take about two months each to complete.