Adult Watches Two Teen Girls Fight

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An off-campus fight between two A&M Consolidated High School female students this week was caught on cell phone video by one of those who witnessed the fight.

Now the mother of the girl who was beaten in that fight says she's worried about her daughter's safety at the College Station school.

"People are saying that I should switch schools and I should relocate because she beat me so bad," said 14 year old Maribel Hernandez, a freshman at A&M Consolidated High School.

She says she ended up with a bloody nose, scratches on her face and a busted lip after a fight on Monday.

Isabel Rincon, Maribel's mother, said, "She was wrong, like I said, I know my daughter played her part in it. She was wrong for it."

The fight didn't happen on school grounds.
It happened across Harvey Mitchell Parkway, behind an Exxon gas station.

Even though A&M Consolidated students were the ones fighting, school administrators say their hands are tied because the fight happened here, off campus.

"She could have stopped the fight, instead, she didn't," Rincon said.

Take a look at the cell phone video again, that's the other girl's mom breaking up the fight.
She was there the whole time.

Hernandez said, "I even told her mother that, I was like, I wasn't talking about her, I don't see why she wants to fight me...She told her mom to shut the "F" up and so that's when her mom said, alright, I'm tired of trying, ya'll just go."

"Because she stopped the fight before my daughter got more harm, no charges can be brought against her and I think that's ridiculous," Rincon said.

That's true.
CSPD says charges can't be filed against the mother of the 16 year old.
Two days after the fight, the sophomore confronted Maribel again...on campus this time.

Hernandez said, "She says if you want some more you know where to find me today after school because I got you, round 2."

Maribel left school early, but this time, school officials can take action.

"It's not that I'm scared to go back to school, of course, I need to go to school. I need to get my work done. I'm just tired of being harassed," Hernandez said.

Based off this facebook post, the other girl won't be returning to Consol any time soon.

Maribel and her mother haven't asked police to file charges against the older student, but her mother says they'll reconsider their decision if the harassment continues.