Advice to Save Your Life When Spending Time on the Water

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LAKE BRYAN - Several accidents and near misses have been reported at area lakes in the past week.

Summertime can be fun...and dangerous.

"Just do everything in moderation. Have fun and enjoy it, but just don't get carried away."

We headed to Lake Bryan to Cody May with the Bryan Fire Department some tips on water safety.

"No matter what age you are or how good of a swimmer you are, you need a life jacket," May said.

Not always the easiest words to hear...but they could save your life.

Especially when it comes to boating...

"Just make sure you have all your safety equipment as well. Life jackets, whistles, in case something happens while you're on the boat."

But even before lowering the boat into the water...

"You need to be wary of the weather. If it starts lightning and the wind picks up really bad, that can make for a bad disaster. A lot of choppy water can cause people to capsize, turn over."

And to make sure everyone is wardens are always out.

"They're out here regulating, making sure people are following safety laws, they've got a life vest on, their tags, they're not drinking," said Shannon Blake, who was out enjoying the lake.

And in case anything happens...

"We do have our boats prepared and things prepared and on ready and stand by if we do have to do that," May said.

The bottom line for your summertime fun...

"Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your holiday weekend."