CSPD: Aerofit Employee Steals Identities of Customers

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BRAZOS COUNTY- A College Station woman is in jail after allegedly stealing the identities of her clients. Police say 20-year-old Joi Coleman, an employee at Aerofit Health and Fitness Center, used the personal information provided by customers to apply for credit cards in their names.

Joe Nuche is worried about his credit after police say a College Station woman stole his name and social security number.

"Capital One credit card had called me and said, 'We think that someone is trying to get a card. It looks a little suspicious, are you applying?' I said no," Nuche said. "I was pretty upset."

He isn't the only victim. According to police, eight other residents of Bryan-College Station fell victim to Coleman after she used her database at work to hack peoples information.

"You feel like someone has violated you," Nuche said.

Coleman worked at the Aerofit on Villa Maria in Bryan as an Administrative Assistant. Detectives said it was there that over half of the victims had their identities stolen.

Police said three of the victims have worked or are currently working at the College Station Medical Center. Coleman was able to access their information because of Aerofit's partnership with the Med to build a new facility in College Station.

"Unfortunately, sometimes you have somebody who would take that trust and violate it for their own gain," said Lieutenant Chuck Fleeger with the College Station Police Department.

He recommends hiring an identity theft protection service like Lifelock or Equifax ID Patrol. Fortunately, one of them alerted Nuche about a credit card Coleman applied for.

"We feel fairly comfortable that someone is watching our accounts," Nuche said.

Fleeger also recommends keeping a close eye on all of your bank and credit card accounts.

Coleman remains jailed on an $8,000 dollar bond.